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Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Units
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  Low-Flow Series

KING UV Sterilizer

Low-Flow Series units provide a compact design and economical ultraviolet water treatmengt for low-flow applications,such as food industry,laboratory,medical facility water,pharmaceutical make-up processes,final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops,to name a few.

KING UV Sterilizer

KING Low-Flow Series models produce little change in water temperature, even after prolonged periods of no water flow, making them ideal for such applications as water for vending machines.
KING Low-Flow Series models may also be configured for TOC reduction in high purity or ultra pure water processes.
KING Low-Flow Series are available in seven standard models with flow rates ranging from 1 to 12 GPM (0.2 to 5.5m3/HR).
Please see the following sheet for specifications, features and options.


Validated UV lamps (9000 hours rated life)
Validated by Suzhou Prevent & Medical Research Office
CE listed
UL (Pending)
Micro-organisms inactivated within seconds, no harmful chemicals or by-products
Compact units require minimum space, simple installation and maintenance

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