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Non uv lamp UV-CUT Lamp

1.Our produced the UV lamp after years of painstaking research eventually be detected by the national

authorities. the successful solution of the result of natural or artificial light damage to the collection.

widely used in places without UV. Tube length can be customized according to your needs.

2.Ordinary fluorescent tubes will be ultraviolet radiation. and ultraviolet light will speed up paper.

plastic. food and other substances in the aging collection of some of the series is harmful.

3. UV lamps. also known as non-UV lamp. UV lamp or anti-UV lamp. widely used in electronics factory yellow.

museums. galleries. archives. libraries. art galleries. high quality display shop objects on the color ink

printing checks. antiques warehouse and other occasions. It is divided into general categories. and high

luminous class

4. General category is divided into white (4L series) and yellow (12R series. 83B series) two series.

5.High luminous flux is divided into categories of white (10B series. 20B) series and the yellow (15R series)

two series

6. White UV lamp can inhibit the release of ultraviolet radiation below 400nm. most of the lighting area for

electronic plant. archives. libraries and other occasions.

7. Yellow UV lamp can inhibit the release of ultraviolet radiation below 500nm. most of the yellow zone for

electronic workshop. anti-exposure sites and darkroom and other occasions.

8.Characteristichigh effect、energy saving.long life、lux rate reach 97%、well colors、better enviroment、

vivid color.

9.Suitable forPCB、optics producthospital、museum、files room、cultural room、antique roomUV-Cut、

prevent from it¨s color becoming light、and becoming old、drive bugs etc.

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